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Look For These 5 Foods On The Menu To Enjoy Your Beer


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Summer season has started and scorching heat would be at it’s peak soon. What better way to beat the heat than a refreshing mug of chilled beer.

Here are some snacks which can be washed down with beer.

1) French Fries




The crispy, golden fried, lean potato fries are all season snacks, and they go very well with a pint or two of beer.


2) Sausages




Sausages are not only good for breakfast, they also taste good with beer.


3) Kebabs




The mouth watering, yummy and scrumptious tender and nicely cooked kebabs are the favourite companions of beer drinkers.  


4) Fish & Chips


Mug of beer close up on wooden table


The national British breakfast tastes even better with lager or pale ale beer.

5) Biryani


Full glass of freshness beer with foam on table against gray canvas background ** Note: Shallow depth of field


Slow cooked mixture of rice, meat and the right amount of Indian spices gives it the characteristic aroma, refined taste and texture. Be it Hyderabadi Biryani or Calcutta Biryani, both taste excellent with beer.


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