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Like that cute guy at work? Go through these do’s and don’ts of office romance first


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There are 24 hours in a day. Close to 12 hours are spent in a workplace. Weekends are meant for relaxing. Smartphones demand extra time. Then, there are so many errands to take care of, irrespective of the fact whether you stay at home, or stay away. How does a person take out the time for romantic liaisons? This packed up schedule and the blurring of lines between the work life and the personal life is blooming into so many office romances. People are increasingly finding “the one” at work and if all goes as planned, the matches are turning into lifetimes alliances. But, dating at work can come with its cons if things don’t go well. If you have been exchanging those coy smiles with the cute guy at work, here are some do’s and don’ts you should probably go through before taking the big leap,

Stay away from the boss 

Try and distance yourself from dating your manager/subordinate at work. Such relationships might give an impression of favoritism even if it is not actually there, or even worse if your work policy prohibits such relationships, you could be dragged into a legal hassle.

Abstain from the coochie-coo

It goes without saying that office does not fall on the list of places where you can indulge in some public display of affection. It might annoy your co-workers, to say the least, and may attract some unwanted attention.


Try not to share your relationship status on social media 

Keep the intimate details of your relationship with yourself. Your colleagues don’t need to know the tidbits of your blossoming romance. Moreover, you never know who is keeping an eye on your social media updates.


Don’t beat around the bush

If you are crushing over that project manager who catches your eye every day in the hallway, gather all your guts and ask him out. It’s a yes or a no, after that. If it looks like your crush is not interested, drop it then and there and do not pursue him any further, lest you create a hostile work environment for both of you.


Set the rules

Create ground rules on how the two of you want to confront the relationship. Also discuss, what would be your approach if the relationship in question does not work out.


Let your manager know

This may seem really awkward but it may help you save even more embarrassment if things are spilled through an unwanted route. However, disclose your romantic linkup only when you are sure about the relationship, else, intimating your company over a fling makes no sense.



Like any other community, your workplace is a group of people working towards achieving a common goal. Human feelings are only natural and it is not practical to rein in your feelings just because you come face to face with them at work. No dating at workplace rule is a personal choice, and there is no reason that this rule should be treated as an absolute law of the corporate doctrine. If you like someone at work, approach the situation with restraint and responsibility. If things go well, you will hopefully never regret your decision to go out with that cute colleague.



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