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Jeff Bezos tops as the World’s Richest Man only to lose it again to Bill Gates within 6 hours


News of Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos becoming the world’s richest man broke the internet after the shares of his internet behemoth soared to surpass his valuations ahead of Bill Gates.

According to Forbes, on Wednesday when share market dropped down its shutter the net worth of Bezos was around $89 billion. Thursday morning, Amazon opened with fire and Mr. Bezos valuations spiked up to $90.6 billion. A substantial bigger figure in comparison to $90 billion of Mr. Gates.

But the top position of Jeff Bezos laster for only 6 hours as the bull run lost steam. Bezos holds around 80 million shares of the company which is about 17% shares of the troupe. He stated that very soon he will again snatch the top ranking from Bill Gates who is holding the position of the World’s Richest man since 2013.


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