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IT employee commits suicide in Pune; writes lack of ‘job security’, the reason in suicide note


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Updated on February 11th, 2018


Indian IT industry is going through its worst phase due to visa and policy sanctions from the Trump administration. In the past few months, several big IT companies have laid off thousands of IT employees and much more are staring hopelessly at possible job loss in the future.

Reeling under such tremendous pressures an IT employee working in Pune committed suicide. He was originally from Andhra Pradesh and had started working in Pune just 3 days ago. The man’s name was GopalKrishna Durgaprasad. In his suicide note, he wrote that in IT there is no job security and he is worried about his family.

In the wake of this incident, IT employees are now planning to form unions to protest against mass layoffs.

Hindustan Times quoted a relative of his: “He was a good boy. He had no bad habits at all. He did his work and lived peacefully. I do not know what happened”

The man cut his wrist 25 times and then jumped from the terrace of a four-storied hotel. The manager of the hotel reported the incident around 4 AM. The man was rushed to the hospital, but his life couldn’t be saved. The name of the company in which he worked has not been disclosed yet.


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