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ISRO scientists ‘rock’ in this music video dedicated to the nation


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Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Ahead of India’s 70th Independence Day, Indian rocket scientists have made their first music video. While they work on the country’s finest space vehicles and deal with rocket science during the day, 20-odd members of ‘ROCK@ BAND’ make music after sunset. The members include scientists and engineers at the country’s premier space agency, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The video, produced by the musically-inclined scientists, has been titled ‘I am an Indian’.

The video shows an animation of the Indian flag being planted on the lunar surface. This has been specifically done to boost the morale of their colleagues working on India’s second foray to the moon, Chandrayaan-2. The song, which is mostly in Malayalam, also talks about building a new nation and seeks to put an end to violence.

Meanwhile, the band emphasized that there is no political message in their video. One of the band members said that it is just a positive message from their hearts to the fellow Indians where they are trying to depict an India in their dreams. He said that this is the culmination of a long-term plan and is in no way connected to the present or past political scenarios.

This time the second mission of Chandrayaan which involves a lander and a rover hopes to soft-land and unfurl India’s flag on the moon.

It took over 18 months to make the video. The scientists spent Rs 10,000 from their pockets. The project is supported by the Space Engineers Association.

The music video was shot on the coast of the Arabian Sea and made as part of the recreational activities supported by the Space Engineers Association, a body that boasts of nearly 4,000 members in Thiruvananthapuram alone, the ISRO’s hub of all rocketry.


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