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Ishrat Jahan, the woman who petitioned against Triple Talaq, is being abused by her own family


Ishrat Jahan, one of the 5 brave women who petitioned against Triple Talaq in the supreme court, and which eventually lead to the landmark verdict by Supreme Court that declared instantaneous triple talaq as both unIslamic and unconstitutional, is being name called, slandered and vilified by her own relatives now.

Her crime? That she raised her voice against not only the injustice meted to her but also for equal rights for Muslim women in divorce.

Ishrat is a resident of Howrah in West Bengal and she was divorced by her husband over the phone from Dubai. Since then she is fighting in the court for justice.

Ishrat spoke of her ordeal to the Times of India “Ever since the Supreme Court verdict has come in it has opened floodgates of expletives, insulting remarks and comments targeted at my character assassination from my neighbours and in-laws. I have to hear words like gandi aurat (bad woman), the enemy of men and unIslamic. Many neighbours have even stopped speaking to me”

“I am shocked, sad and I feel unsafe staying in this house. After such a long battle I don’t have any strength left to fight these people. I want to focus on my four children now,” said Jahan who has now mustered the courage to remove her naqab and show her face to the world.”


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