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Irfan Pathan trolled because he posted an ‘unislamic’ picture of his wife on Twitter

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan uploaded a photo of his, along with his wife, on Facebook and moral policing trolls swarmed on his post, commenting that his wife’s pic is “Un Islamic” and being a Muslim and a Pathan he should take utmost care of this.

Irfan got married in February 2016 and his wife Safa is a Jeddah born model who worked in Dubai before marriage.

Irfan’s wife Safa Baig is seen wearing a Burka in the picture, but red nail polish on her nails got the trolls all riled up. There were comments like – it’s good that she is hiding her face, but she should also hide her hands. Irfan’s post became a slugfest of moralist trolls whose misogyny and sense of self-righteousness was nauseating.


Indian Cricketer Mohammed Shami was also trolled in this manner when he posted a photo with his wife, who was not wearing a Hijab/ Burka.


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