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Interfaith couple allegedly denied room by hotel on the basis of their religion


In another disgusting incident of communal prejudice in the country, a hotel in Bangalore refused to lend a room to an interfaith couple because as per the hotel receptionist Hindus and Muslims do not marry each other, and should not stay together. The receptionist of Olive Residency Hotel gave a very weird logic for not giving rooms to interfaith couples. She said what if they use our rooms for committing suicides and hang themselves.

The couple travelled to Bangalore on Tuesday for some work. Shafiq Subaida Hakkim, the husband, said that even after he gave ID proof and confirmed that he is married, the hotel refused to give them a room. Even after he warned of a police complaint, the receptionist was adamant on not giving a room.

Hakkim is a journalist and his wife Divya is a PhD student. They came to Bangalore for an interview.

This incident only exposes the deep-seated communal biases. It is discriminatory on the part of the hotel to refuse to give rooms to interfaith couples. A complaint should be lodged against the hotel. Hospitality industry is expected to provide services to anyone who pays them. It is unlawful on their part to apply discriminatory and prejudicial policies.


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