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India may have won the match, but Pakistanis on Twitter won everybody’s hearts

Keeping your humor intact in face of a heartbreak!


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It was 7-0. 7 straight losses for Pakistan against India in World Cup matches. Before the match began, history was stacked against the Pakistani cricket team. Still, the fans went all out to support their home team and hoped for maybe a miracle to turn around the tables. Alas, the hopes were dashed but the good thing is, despite all the hullabaloo, the dejected cricket fans managed to keep their humor intact.

Allah bhi nahi bacha paae!


Honest spurts of disappointment 

Shaitaan aur insaan ki kabhi na khatam hone wali jang!

The best trollers were the losers themselves

India vs. Pakistan organized by England. Deja vu, anyone? 

Free-flowing expletives in face of despair 


Together with bashing their team, they appreciated the Indians too. Total sportsmanship.  

Buri english se bhi buri cricket

Being brutally savage

And this heartbroken fan, 


The India-Pakistan cricket contest is always a high voltage competition with fans on either side of the border passionately rooting for their home team. When your team loses, you’re overtaken by a flurry of emotions, but it is important to keep one’s sportsmanship intact in face of an embarrassing defeat. The Twitter bore testimony of exactly the same display of sportsmanship, and that, in my opinion, was truly heart-warming!



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