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How Valid Is The Point Made By Sonu Nigam?


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Source: DNA
Source: DNA


Playback singer Sonu Nigam received a lot of flak from liberal quarters on social media when he tweeted that his sleep gets disturbed because of Azaan blaring out of mosque loudspeakers. He also said that what has electronic microphones and loudspeakers got to do with religion, which is a very valid observation.

Sonu Nigam compared Azaan with forced imposition of religiousness in India. He also added that he is against the use of loudspeakers in Temples and Gurdwaras as well.

What triggered the outrage of a section of liberals on social media was the timing of his tweet. They say ( and rightly so ) that at a time when Muslims are being lynched on the false accusations of possessing beef, how can Azaan be forced religiosity. To be fair, the section of liberals do have a fair point here and maybe Sonu Nigam could have been more sensitive in wording his tweet. However, that’s where their rationale ends. Beyond this calling Sonu Nigam a bigot or a Hindu supremacist, virtue signalling on social media, or indulging in a spate of whataboutery, is as illogical as it gets.

This only depicts how squeamish liberal sections are when it comes to criticism of anything related to Islam. Folks who lost their calm over his opinion perhaps need to be reminded that no idea is above criticism in a democratic society. The hysteria was uncalled for. And the false equivalences and logical fallacies only exposed hollowness of their arguments.

When his sleep gets disturbed by Mosque loudspeaker, he won’t criticise a DJ night for that.

It’s not about Hindu or Muslim. Or Mandir or Masjid. But basic civic sense and not creating public nuisance. Noise pollution is a very serious issue. And use of loudspeakers for religious functions, ceremonies, gatherings should be highly restricted.


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