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How to tell your partner you want to make out without saying a word

Keeping things sizzling under the sheets is one of the essential tricks of an intimate relationship.

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Keeping things sizzling under the sheets is one of the essential tricks of an intimate relationship. Sex is considered as a stabilizing factor in every relationship as it increases bonding, intimacy, and comes with oodles of physical and emotional benefits.

But have you ever tried to signal your partner that you want to make love without even saying a word of it? Well if you haven’t, you should try it now because there is nothing more arousing than saying the inevitable with signs and expressions. Here are a few tricks which you can use to pass on the message in an extremely sensuous way.

Make Small Signals Throughout the Day

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From leaving a cute note at the breakfast table, kissing to sending an erotic text during work hours; a one-liner can work wonders. Message something which intrigues and arouses your partner to look forward to the evening.


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Surprise your partner with an unexpected gift like a funky underwear or a sex toy to increase the intimacy.

Compliment Like Never Before

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Describe to your partner that why you exactly need them at the moment. Say something about their body or expression which immediately catches their attention. Be thoughtful and innovative.

Netflix and Chill

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Plan a movie date on your living room couch. Play your partner’s favorite romantic movie or a sitcom with some good wine and snacks to die for. And watch things happening sooner than later.

Be a Teaser

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Backout after initiating to leave your partner wanting for more. You can do it by exchanging a steamy hot kiss or a meaningful touch to keep your partner engaged until he/she gives in to your game.


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Sometimes it is good to make fairy tale romance a reality to keep zing alive in a relationship. Take your partner to a dinner date at their favorite place or gift them something which they have been waiting for too long. 

Make a Secret Code for Love Making

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A code like ‘cook brownies’ or whatever fits your preference can do wonders for you in the future. Just imagine yourself calling your partner ‘let us cook brownies tonight’ in front of your family and friends. It will surely arouse them to the moon and back.


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