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How to raise a brave and fearless daughter


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What does it take to raise a brave and courageous girl? Why do men think that bravery or courage do not come naturally to women? Why is it that parents tend to restrain their daughters when they are outdoors? Why are daughters advised to hold much more caution as compared to sons when out in the playground?

We as a society teach girls to be fearful while guys to be gutsy. The fact is girls and boys are pretty much physically the same until and after puberty hits. It is another thing to be frightened at times, and another to inculcate it whenever a female tries to maneuver her way out of her comfort zone. Here is Caronline Paul, a firefighter, a paraglider , an adventurer and a woman telling us that bravery is actually something to be learnt and practiced. Let your girls skate, climb and clamber. Let them explore and get over their fear!





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