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How to observe Karva Chauth: 10 steps with GIFs and pictures

Karva Chauth is here, and we will tell you how to observe it like a total boss


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Karva Chauth, an important festival, celebrated in North India is observed by married women for the well-being of their husbands. For years and years, everyone has been pretending that there’s nothing wrong with this tradition, wherein a woman fasts for her husband’s long life, because what would a poor woman do without her hubby, her pati-parmeshwar. So, not to disturb the status quo, here is a 10 step guide to master this extremely fair festival,

Get yourself a husband



Elevate him to the status of God 

God GIF - God GIFs


Worship him, and treat him like he can do no wrong 

Spongebob Yes Master GIF - Spongebob YesMaster Worship GIFs


When Karva Chauth is nearing, buy the finest of clothes, jewelry, and everything nice to make yourself look attractive to your master, oops, husband.

Priyanka Chopra Kiss GIF - PriyankaChopra Kiss BlowingKiss GIFs


Get ready to starve yourself for an entire day, so that your better-half lives long enough

Beauty And The Beast Belle GIF - BeautyAndTheBeast Beast Belle GIFs


Spend an entire day eating nothing. 

Hungry GIF - NoFood Fridge GIFs


By the evening, when you’re completely exhausted because you ate nothing and drank not even a drop of water, get ready to floor your husband because he deserves to see you only at your best. 


Time to implement what you learned in Step 3. Touch the God’s feet, seek his blessings and wish to have his company forever. Cute, right?

Touch Feet


Ask him to feed you, because he is the master and only he is able enough to do something as basic as that

Karva Chauth


Remember to inculcate the important teaching, that your husband is a divine being in your life. Even if there are times, you forget it, our kind society will remind you what you should be knowing while observing Karwa Chauth – patriarchy rules the world. 


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