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Hey, listen up : Smoking doesn’t make you look cool or empowered!


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It’s a travesty of common sense that so many young people think it is “cool” or “empowering” to smoke. The coolness quotient gallops to another level if it’s a girl taking a puff. Women demand equal rights for themselves, so guess they don’t mind an equal right to lung cancer as well.

Apart from the usual health hazards, smoking can transform you into a walking ash-tray. Smokers don’t realize this, but whenever they open their mouth, they put off so many people just because of the awful smell. That smoking enhances your attraction quotient, is such a myth. If you need some chemicals rolled up in a paper to make yourself attractive, then maybe your self-esteem needs a major boost. Why punish your lungs for a misplaced sense of attraction?

So many artists, intellectuals, and generally brilliant people smoke, churning out a faulty notion that smoking keeps the creative juices flowing.  The truth is, it actually keeps the “killer juices” flowing.  Smoking is surprisingly the only legal object that is potent enough to kill its users. Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals including carcinogens, that can have a detrimental effect on one’s immunity. It can also make smokers more susceptible to diseases of the respiratory system. How can something so vicious is capable of making you creative is a question that needs some deep brooding on your end.

Humans, mostly, stupidly enough, behave like herds. They absorb whatever people are following around them and try to imbibe the same within themselves, hoping really desperately to fit in the crowd. The truth is, not every herd is going towards the right path, some of those are most certainly going to fall in the pit. For this herd mentality propagating that smoking is the empowering agent you need in your life and it makes you look cool, the majority of the blame goes to the popular culture.

It is one thing enjoying your favorite movie, following its lead actor without putting your precious grey matter into use is another. Before you light up a cigarette, remember the fact that there are so many sense packed individuals out there who think smoking is obnoxious and totally not cool. Be one of them, follow the right herd. More importantly, do what is good for your health. Gymming is our generation’s favorite sport. We are obsessed with our health. Why jeopardize it for smoking?

Think about it!



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