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FIFA World Cup 2018 | Here is why Ronaldo is the GOAT!


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If football is a religion, we can say it is divided into two halves at several levels. The ongoing era has seen two of the greatest of all time footballers play. No matter which team we support, we have a personal favorite between Ronaldo and Messi. Both these players have taken the world by a storm and there is no competition to them. We have been hearing about the renowned Ronaldo v/s Messi debate on a regular basis. With FIFA World Cup going on, we can draw conclusions regarding who is the real GOAT!

We have witnessed some of the most magical football moments by Lionel Messi while him playing for Barcelona, while he has failed to generate the same magic playing for his nation. What many fail to notice that for most of his Barcelona career, he has played with legends like Xavi, Iniesta, and David Villa. Those are world class players. Together they went on to win the world cup, and twice the euro cup. Messi doesn’t get that support when he plays for his nation despite of some of the big names in the side. Argentina have a rich history and they used to rule world football once. Messi has big shoes to fill, and if he fails to do so, he faces heavy criticism from the media and the fans.

Ronaldo is a player who is where he is because of sheer determination and hard work. When he plays for Real Madrid, he knows that there are world class footballers to support him, so he only focuses on getting his job done. But when he plays for Portugal, he throws everything into the game. He knows that his team looks up to him and he has to deliver no matter what. You see that passion to win. He is a born winner. He cries when he looses and comes back stronger the next time. Portuguese don’t have a history to boast about. Whatever Ronaldo does for them, they are grateful for it.

What I am trying to say is if you are the best player in the world, you can give your best even when you don’t have the best support. Zidane did it time and again with Juventus and France. Ronaldo is doing it now with Portugal. There is an untold understanding between him and his teammates and he gives his best to live up to the hopes of his nation. You don’t see that spark when Messi plays for his nation. Yes, the team is inexperienced in the midfield, but if you are the best in the world, you can make magic happen playing with any squad. Ronaldo was so successful with Manchester United even when he played with Darren Fletcher and Anderson. Yes, you fail at times in this long journey. Portugal were knocked out in the group stage of WC’14, but Ronaldo never gave up. He came back even stronger to steer his team to victory in Euro 2016. He is doing the same thing now.


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