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Heineken Beer May Lose Its Logo If New Hungarian Law Comes Into Existence


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Central European nation Hungary, which is ruled by the right-wing, anti-immigration, populist government of Viktor Orban, is planning to ban the usage of all “totalitarian symbols” – including both Nazi and communist era symbols. Hungary was a communist nation until the collapse of Warsaw Pact and the USSR. And under the right wing dispensation, the country seems to have troubles in making terms with it’s chequered and tumultuous past.

The draft introduced by the ruling Fidesz Party proposes to outlaw Nazi Swastika as well as communist five-pointed red star and hammer & sickle. 2 year imprisonment has been proposed for anyone defying the law.

The internationally renowned Dutch brewer Heineken will get into trouble if this bill is made into a law because logo of the global beer maker is a five-pointed red star.

Heineken has clarified that it’s logo has nothing to do with communism or any political movement. It further said that red star dates back to medieval European brewers.

Heineken adopted the red star logo in 1930s. During the cold war when red star became a ubiquitous symbol of communism, the company replaced it with a white star. Heineken went back to the original red star logo after the disintegration of USSR and fall of communist regimes in East Europe in 1991.


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