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HBO Spain mistakenly airs 6-hour episode of Game of Thrones


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Nothing irritates Game of Thrones fans more than the spoilers of their favourite thrilling show being leaked.

In Spain, HBO telecasted a 6-hour mega episode of Game of Thrones by mistake.

A screenshot of a 71-minute episode of the serial has been posted on Reddit by the username The Slayer Slayer who made the claim that Spanish HBO mistakenly aired 6-hour show. The scene which he has posted isn’t a part of the official trailer, so his claim sounds genuine.

A lot of fans are posting the link to that thread so that others can watch the serial for free and in advance. A GIF of the leaked visual is also circulating on the internet.

Here is the link to the Reddit thread:

(SPOILER) HBO Spain aired the 7×06 by mistake for one hour ! from freefolk


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