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GST On Sanitary Napkins Is A “Girls Ko Satao Tax” – Kalki Koechlin


I am on my periods while writing this after I shut up my PC twice because I was just not feeling like doing it. I was in pain, everything around me was just irritating me because it’s the second day which can also be summed up as the devil’s day. And before that, I was PMSing which is even worse. This is every girl’s story and nobody else can get it exactly as it is, no matter how much they claim. While nobody can imagine the volume of this ordeal that we the girls undergo every month, some nasty people just get away with all their annoying habits by simply saying, “Chill, I know why you are whining because you are on your periods.”

As much as we are aware of the fact that there is no avoiding it and it is the natural biology that wires with a lot other functions going inside our bodies, we know we can’t really get away from this. That’s why we don’t go on demonstrating on roads with banners or placards but we simply sit in groups and condemn it to our heart’s content and the issues circling it such as how we all wish to have an off from our work for at least first two days and so on. Expecting leaves just for periods is a far-fetched dream but what is even more taxing than the periods themselves is the tax on them. While it might not bother the able women who can afford the consistent supply of sanitary napkins and can maintain the necessary hygiene, there are women in our country who do not have an access to pads at all. And in our country, the number of such women is as high as 4 out of every 10 women.

Calling it out on government, Kalki Koechlin who has always voiced her opinion on women-oriented issues in a bold tone recently took a sarcastic take over the tax regime on sanitary napkins which is currently 12%. In the video, she tells how even more taxing it is to pay a heavy tax on pads no matter what brand the women use. We laud Kalki to debunk government’s shallow move of reducing the tax from 13.5% to only 12% in this rather amusing video which actually explains the arduous deal of women during periods. The government not only needs to make pads tax-free, but also apply extra efforts to make them available for girls who cannot afford them financially. Watch the video below –


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