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GoT fandom rejoice, you can now explore Game of Thrones locations on Google Earth


Every Game of Thrones fan must be engaged in its seventh season these days. The social media is occupied with the theories or even spoilers. But what if you get to explore Game of Thrones locations on Google Earth?

Yes! You heard right! And this will further add to the adrenaline rush of every fan out there. Thanks to Google Earth which has added 33 locations where key scenes of this popular fantasy TV series was filmed.

Now, you can yourself see the land of Westeros, the arena of Meeren, the St Dominic Street in Croatia and much more. The crew of the series walked to different landscapes in order to shoot a spectrum of scenes of the series. Even, it is St Dominic Street where Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame was shot. To add to it, the crew also covered the southern Spain.


It has been revealed that several of the crucial King’s Landing scenes were shot in Croatia. The crew also travelled to Iceland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Spain for beautiful backdrops.

However, the show, which is based on the book series “A Song of Fire and Ice” by George R R Martin, did not leave a stone unturned when it came to technology usage. It even utilised green screens and computer-generated imagery (CGI) when needed.


In a scene, where a long bridge of Volantis was to be shown, the producers chose a Roman bridge in Cordoba, Spain. However, according to Google Earth, the show used CGI to lengthen the bridge and to put markets and buildings on top of it.


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