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Good job Piyush Goyal! India jumps to 26th spot from 99th in World Bank’s power ranking


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Amidst all the hubris of ‘cow protection’ and ‘neo-nationalism’, there is one man who is working tirelessly and silently to solve the power crisis of India. Working on prime minister Narendra Modi’s vision of providing electricity to every household in the country by 2022; power minister Piyush Goyal has completely transformed the ministry into one of the most efficient departments of the government.

As per a report published in Economic Times, India has jumped 73 positions from 99 in 2014 in the World Bank’s electricity accessibility ranking in 2017.

“Our ranking has improved to 26 positions from 99. So, it is truly very redeeming feature and satisfying for me that Prime Minister’s vision particularly to take electricity to every home, particularly to make electricity access very easy, particularly to make energy affordable is being furthered very rapidly,”

“A person should be able to apply for electricity connection. If there is infrastructure available… get it in 24 hours. If an infrastructure needs to be created he should get in less than one week,” – Piyush Goyal said.

The government’s rural electrification program has electrified over 13,000 villages out of a total of 18,452 and is poised to achieve its target in 1,000 days.

The power minister is also confident about achieving the target of providing electricity to every part of the by 2019; 3 years ahead of the scheduled time.


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