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Go make a sandwich : Girlfriend stabs her boyfriend over who would cook dinner


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A 28-year-old woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death over who would cook dinner in Delhi’s Uttam Nagar on Saturday evening. The victim, 30-year-old Eezua Nigerian- died of multiple stab wounds. The police said that the accused, Elvi Ujumma, was arrested and booked for murder.

Reportedly, Ujumma had asked Eezu to come over to her house in the afternoon. It is after that a violent argument ensued between them. When the couple started fighting the neighbors intervened and the two calmed down. But after they left, the fight resumed again. The accused told police that the fight started over who would prepare dinner. She even claimed that she was first hit by Eezu.

Police mentioned that when Ujumma got to know that Eezu had died, she returned home and locked herself in a room. When the police was informed about the incident, police arrived at the residence and made inquiries. The woman was arrested when the police broke open the door.

Source Eezu died of stab wounds

The caretaker of the house, Vijay, said that Eezu had been staying here for three months. Her boyfriend often visited her, but he had never received any complaint against them.


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