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‘Forced to penetrate’: Research highlights the hidden issue of women ‘raping’ men


Sexual harassment and rape are, strictly speaking, gender neutral. Although disproportionate victims of rapes are women worldwide but there are a few cases where men are forced by women.


In the UK, experts have coined a new term for women forcing men for sex: “forced to penetrate”

Research at Lancaster University has revealed that many men in the UK have been forced to engage in sexual intercourse by the use of threats, blackmailing, abuse, lies, or using some sort of weapon. This research is the first of its kind.

The most common method has been revealed to be administering drugs without the person’s consent. Earlier the term ‘rape’ was used for such cases, but often there were some legal confusions in the terminology and due to social attitudes that men can not be forced into sex by women.


The research debunked two stereotypes: that women are physically weaker than men so they can not overpower them, and men are supposed to value and enjoy sex most of the time.

Most of such cases go unreported due to distress or the fear of being shamed by the society. What is needed is a change in the social mindset that is frozen in prevailing gender stereotypes.


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