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Food Frenzy By Ariba | Kiwi Jalapeño Jam Recipe 🥝🌶

Try this simply delicious homemade Kiwi Jalapeño jam recipe.


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Jam is the perfect way to preserve the flavours of your favourite fruits for the longest time. It is one of those comfort foods which can be used as a spread on bread or savour it with cream cheese crostini bites. Every time, you will just taste awesomeness of perfectly balanced sweet and spicy flavours busting in your palette!

Try this simply delicious homemade Kiwi Jalapeño jam recipe.

Serves: 2 Cups
Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 10 min


👉 2 cups chopped kiwi

👉 2/3 cup chopped jalapeno peppers

👉 3 tablespoon low-sugar fruit pectin

👉 1 cup sugar

👉 2/3 cup water

How to make?

👉 In a pot, add kiwi, jalapeno peppers, water and pectin.

👉 Put it to a broiling boil while stirring it constantly.
👉 Add sugar and mix. Stir constantly and bring back to a boil for about a min

👉 Turn off the heat and let it cool
👉 Pour into sterilized jars.
👉 Put a lid on it & refrigerate.


We absolutely loved it and hope you like it too! Keep eating! 😅


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