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Follow These Simple Early Morning Habits To Transform Your Health


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Source: Fitness-Style
Source: Fitness-Style


For nocturnals, idea of an early morning workout is petrifying. Neither rigorous workout plans are meant for everyone not all of us can follow it. Even if you start following a strict fitness regime with great fervor, after some time; fatigue level starts to creep up and you quit.

Instead, it is better to indulge in healthier habits on regular basis to stay fit without following strict routine.

Rise Early




If you are not a morning person then this could be the toughest challenge to have. But rising early can make you more active and fitter. Rise early, go for a walk, make yourself a great breakfast and start your day in an  organized way. Instead of starting abruptly, you can start with waking up 15-20 minutes earlier than the regular time and can gradually increase the time.

Hydrate Yourself


lemon water


Your body survives on a long gap sans water from the time you sleep and wake up. Thus, it is essential to hydrate yourself first thing in the morning. Instead of drinking normal water, you can take lukewarm water with a teaspoon of some lemon juice. This will energize and hydrate you in no time.

No Need Of Routine Exercise




You must be blushing by now. Yeah, you don’t need to perform the same exercise daily. You can opt for various physical activities instead of following a monotonous schedule. Take a fast paced walk on one day, next day does some stretching exercise followed by cycling on another day.

Add Green Drinks




Replace your morning tea or coffee with lemon tea or green tea. It will boost your metabolism, make you feel active, light and energized the whole day. Antioxidants present in it have several health benefits and also aids in weight loss.

Small Meals


healthy meals


Start your day with a healthy breakfast for a good health. And rely on short fibrous meals every couple of hours to fuel your body and keep your metabolism moving.


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