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First film banned by CBFC under leadership of Prasoon Joshi


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As per reports, the first film considered for certification under the leadership of Prasoon Joshi has been just banned by CBFC. The announcement of Pahlaj Nihalani’s exit raised some hopes of change in the approach of CBFC but the current order seems to point otherwise.

CBFC banned a Punjabi film “Toofan Singh” which has been directed by Baghal Singh. The film stars  Ranjit Bawa in the lead role and shows him playing a character who fights corruption in the Indian bureaucracy and politics. However, the movie has failed to see the green light and has been refused certification on the grounds of excessive violence.

However, there is no official explanation from CBFC that it has been banned because the film is brutal and anarchic.

According to a statement, the protagonist Toofan Singh is a terrorist in the movie who goes on a rampage killing corrupt cops and politicians. And they have compared him to Bhagat Singh. It added that they could not empathize with its message of brute power.


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