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Feeling The Summer Heat? This ‘Bare Butt’ Jeans Can Help You Stay Cool


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Odd and bizarre fashion trends have always intrigued the imagination of people. Once in a while, fashion industry always manages to come up with something absolutely unimaginable and appalling AF.

Many people in India still do not understand the concept of ripped jeans. And to question their fashion sense further, we now have bare butt jeans. These jeans have a zip at back to show off your butt!

French fashion label Vetements has collaborated with Levi’s and launched this questionable concept on Instagram. No wonder, the posts on Instagram have gone viral.




Vetements X Levi’s jeans have zippers in the middle of the bum area and down the legs. You can open the zip to show off your underwear, shorts or even your butt. And it is not cheap. It will cost around 1 lac. Not so cheap to look cheap! What do you think?








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