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Farmers protest morphs into an ugly political agenda, thanks to some enlightened twitterati


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Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan – this war cry from India’s second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri came at a time when the country’s territorial as well as food security was in danger. This happened in 1965 when India was fighting a dual battle. It was attacked by Pakistan and there was an acute shortage of foodgrains in the country. Today, 53 years later, we are yet to find sustainable solutions for these two burning issues. Our borders are continuously threatened by the neighboring powers and our farmers are out on the road protesting against the depriving policies of the state. The ones who are satiating the hunger of the millions are walking with blistered feet to demand for the rights they deserve. The “Sea of Red” in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan bore testimony to the fact that our agrarian infrastructure is in a creaky state of disrepair and some urgent measures need to be pursued to make this country a farmer-friendly one.

This occasion, which should have ignited some serious debates about the state of agriculture anarchy in the country was trivialized by some twitterati as merely a political propaganda.

These tweets show how even the most serious of issues are seen with politics-tinted glasses in our country. Though politics is a powerful weapon to bring positive change in any society, in our country it is often misused to further a particular political party’s shallow objectives. It is high time, the countrymen learn to identify real issues as they are – on their face value instead of degrading them by mish-mashing them into a political game of wins and losses.


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