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Farmers get ‘loan waiver’ of Rs 10 and 215 in Uttar Pradesh


In a highly insensitive and cruel incident, farmers in UP’s Hamirpur got loan waiver certificates of Rs 10 and Rs 215 from the state’s labor minister Mannu Korri (yes, this ain’t a joke!). This is a highly shameful and crass mockery of the plight of the farmers who endured hardships due to agrarian distress.

A woman named Shanti Devi got Rs 10.37 against an outstanding loan of 1.55 lakh Rs. Another man named Munni Lal got a waiver of Rs 215 against the loan of Rs 40,000.

The farmers were promised loan waivers of up to 1 lakh as per Yogi Adityanath’s ‘Krishi Rin Mochan Yojana’. The scheme was supposed to benefit 87,000 drought affected farmers in the state. Dozens of farmers got token amounts as compensation, and they are both shocked and angry. Minister Mannu Korri termed it a printing mistake on the certificates. He has promised to look into the matter, assuring that everyone will get fair compensation.

Hindustan Times quotes him as saying “The loan waivers have been given as per rules. If there are discrepancies, we will get it inquired into and act against those responsible.” The opposition parties were quick to take digs on it on Twitter. Samajwadi Party state president, Naresh Uttam, called the loan waiver scheme a sham.


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