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Eid Mubarak : Enjoy your Biryani with these 10 delicious memes


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Eid Al Fitr is round the corner. A month of fasting is giving way to extravagant feasting. As much as we love the celebratory mood engulfing our surroundings, the aromas of freshly cooked Biryani is equally enticing. You are not a true-food lover if you don’t skip a heart beat over seeing a plate of garma-garam Biryani. Here are 10 memes that are meant for everyone who would gorge on Biryani this Eid :

All weather companionship

Love you mom

Ghar mein tindey, bagal mein biryani

Love for Biryani is universal


All hell breaks loose


Secular Biryani

No, God no!

Biryani is BAE

This is blasphemy!

*tears rolling down my cheeks*



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