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Dating a Gemini? You have to see this!


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Updated on February 11th, 2018




This seemingly cute selfie of a lovely couple shared on Twitter with the caption,  “I love my girlfriend, even if she’s a Gemini”  soon spiraled into a creepy overdose.  What looked like an innocuous selfie had  the reflection of the girl smiling at the couple from the mirror in the background, while she was also facing the camera. Twitterati freaked out on this double-appearance and pointed out this discrepancy with shock, awe and ample amounts of fear,


So, Twitter went wild guessing what was going on with this picture. But the answer was right there, in the picture’s caption. Gemini as a zodiac sign is symbolized by “The Twin”, which is translated into a stereotype of people born under this sign having dual personalities.

This revelation came by and answered some of our questions but this was quite an ingenuous way to play around the “double-sided” Geminis. However, this is not the first time, internet got stumped by a normal looking at first, but actually a confounding selfie. Last year, a man posted a selfie with a headscarf clad girl with her reflection showing in the mirror behind her. People were quick to point out that the photo looked like it was manipulated.



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