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Cow Recognition Technology Developed To Avoid Accidents On Roads


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Recently Hindu Yuva Vahini received a lot of flak when its leader’s car allegedly ran over a 1 year old calf in Lucknow. Cows straying on the streets has always been a problem in several parts of the country. And nothing concrete has been done till date to address this problem.

Now researchers Sachin Sharma and Dharmesh Shah of the Department of Electronics & Communication, at Gujarat Technological University in Ahmedabad, have come up with a technology based solution to avoid collision of cows with cars. They have a developed a real time automatic obstacle detection and alert system to alert the driver and escape possible collision with the cow.

The technology will use the dashboard camera and a cow detection algorithm to determine whether the objects nearing the vehicle are cow or not. It will also alert the driver about whether the cow’s movement is dangerous or not.

“The proposed system has achieved an overall efficiency of 80 per cent in terms of cow detection,” asper the study published in the Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

As per the developers of this technology, it is touted to be highly reliable and affordable system to protect cows from accidents on roads.


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