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Couple Sleeping Positions Meaning To Understand Your Relationship

Psychologists use couple sleeping positions meaning as a barometer of emotional intimacy as unconscious body language is much more revealing about relationships.


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Couples sleeping together is normal. But ever wondered how couple sleeping positions meaning can provide an insightful perspective about your relationship? Psychologists use couple sleeping positions as a barometer of emotional intimacy as unconscious body language is much more revealing about relationships.

According to a report published in the Telegraph, common sleep positions reveal startling facts about a couple’s sexual desires, subconscious problems and overall intimacy.

#1 Spooning

Apart from being a relaxing sex position, spooning is also probably one of the most intimate sleeping positions for a couple. Bodies of both the partners stay in complete contact which indicates a higher level of satisfaction and happiness. Moreover, couples are most likely to synchronize their heartbeats and breath rates due to close proximity.

However, the spooning position also shows the definite imbalance of power in the couple’s dynamics. This position normally reflects that one partner is more dominant and feels the need to protect his/her partner. Aside, spooning is more suited to couples who are more traditional and have high levels of trust.

Source: Justin Lehmiller

#2 Loose Spoon

Loose spoon couple sleeping position meaning is generally termed as “matured spoon”. The position which is less sexual and opted by couples who are on a more even level of power in a relationship. However, constantly increasing gap during sleep is also a sign of decreasing emotional and physical intimacy. Therefore, the couple should consider talking to each other if the gap between their ‘loose spoon’ is getting bigger.

Source: Naukrinama

#3 The Chase

In this position, one partner is always chasing another partner in the bed. The Chase sleep position generally signifies that the couples are out of sync or one partner is holding something back. This position happens when one partner senses that something is wrong and tries to make emotional contact without making any verbal conversation. The Chase occurs as a result of one partner being needy. However, it can also be seen as the invasion of the personal space of the other partner.

Source: Guff

#4 The Tangle

The Tangle is one of the most intimate couple sleeping positions. It is the favorite position of young couples who are more sexually and emotionally satisfied. The Tangle sleep position is often found in couples who are in a lustful stage of their relationship. Normally, this position generally happens just after sexual intercourse.

Aside, this position also reflects an excessive amount of dependency and attachment.

Source: Getty Images

#5 The Undone Knot

If you start with The Tangle and go to separate ways in the bed thereafter then it is called The Undone Knot. This couple sleeping position meaning is synonymous to a strong bond of intimacy and personal satisfaction. Similarly, The Undone Knot couple sleep position also shows mutual respect towards each other’s personal space and independence.

In short, it is the best of both the worlds. We cuddle when you want but baby I need my own sweet space for a good night’s sleep.

Source: Guff

#6 Back to Back

Back to Back is one of the most popular and comfortable couple sleeping positions. This sleeping position is common among couples who are content and secure in their relationships.

However, in some cases, this position also reflects conflict and dissatisfaction among couples.

Source: Guff

#7 Bum to Bum

Bum to Bum position is normally popular among couples who have graduated from lust to limerence stage. This positions allows greater independence but compromises on security and physical reassurances. Bum to Bum couple sleeping position is a sign of keeping the physical intimacy sizzling while getting your own space.

Source: Today

#8 The Nuzzle

The Nuzzle sleeping position is mostly seen in early relationships. This position provides a sense of protection and comradeship. This position also indirectly demands the reassurance and the same amount of commitment from the partner. The Nuzzle is a sign of moving on from just sexual desires to a more emotional attachment.

Source: Guff

#9 The Leg Hug

The Leg Hug is the sign of one partner being independent while the other one needs reassurance. And your partner can play footsie sometimes for emotional and sexual connection. However, if the actions are mutual then it shows a high level of mutual connection and intimacy.

The Leg Hug also means that you are dependent on each other for little things and care for each other.

Source: Guff

#10 Space Hog

If the main agenda of your partner is to capture the major space of the bed then he/she is certainly a space hog. Space Hog sleeping position among couples means that one partner is selfish and care very little for the comfort of their other half.

This sleeping position is also known as a selfish sleeper. If you are okay with this situation then it is fine otherwise, you need to talk with your partner.

Source: Guff

#11 Top to Toe

Top to Toe couple sleeping position offers minimal physical and emotional intimacy. This is not how happy and satisfied couples sleep. If you are sleeping in Top to Toe position then you need to talk honestly with your partner about what’s wrong.

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So, find out your couple sleeping positions meaning to strengthen your both with your better half.


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