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Behind the screens of GoT, read what the hackers are demanding


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After leaking the Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 on social media all over, the hackers are now back with a new damaging leak along with a ransom note for HBO chief. As scheduled, the script of the fifth episode will release next week but this time the hackers have leaked the script of the fifth episode on social media.

Apparently, the hackers, who leaked the  episode 4 earlier, have sent the evidence of the stolen data to the makers of the show, threatening it to make public unless they are fed a sum of money.

Reportedly, hackers in a note to the makers said that HBO spends 12 million for market research and 5 million for advertisements of the programme. They can consider them as another budget for their advertisements.  The hackers reportedly possess unseen data of Game Of Thrones in addition to other HBO shows like Room 104, Insecure season 2 and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

They added that their demand is clear and negotiable. They want a particular amount of money to stop leaking their data. The letter was further signed off with the picture of the Night King. THe hackers also possess the documents like financial balance sheets, employment agreements and marketing strategy PDFs. In order to provide the proof, they have even shared a sample of the stolen data wuth HBO chief Richard Plepler.

Yet in another statement they said that leakage will be their worst nightmare so they should make a wise decision. They quoted that money is not their main purpose. They do not want to endanger HBO’s situation nor cause it to lose its reputation. They want to be their partner in a tiny part of HBO’s huge income.

Meanwhile, HBO spokesperson Jeff Cusson informed that they were expecting more data to be leaked and said that a forensic review is ongoing. He said that they continue to work around the clock with outside cybersecurity firms and law enforcement to resolve the incident.


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