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Basic Fashion Blunders To Avoid This Summer


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Source: Huff Post
Source: Huff Post

Winter clobbers are gone and summer weeds have already started ringing bells. Days will get hotter as the time passes and new fashion trends will supplant the old. Some dresses will become fashion history and some will stay relevant. But amid the race to follow trending fashion, we should not forget the basics of job.

Tight Clothes


Yes, we love those body-con dresses and tank tops, but choosing dresses that are a size smaller might not be the most flattering things to do, especially during hotter days. This causes suffocation in the skin and can exaggerate your problem. Choose the right size and right shape-wear too.

Wearing Thick Material


Just because you wear material that remain its crease perfect till evening doesn’t lead to perfection. Fabrics like polyester, silk, viscose must be avoided these days. As they may look classy and graceful, but create lots of sweating and irritation. Go with light fabrics like cotton, linen, chambray as they maintain smoothness and relax your skin.

Wearing Thin Flimsy


Try to avoid sleazy fabrics for your dresses. As they don’t sit on your body and can lead to fashion disasters. Try some thin breezy fabrics, but make sure that is of your body type.

Bling Overloaded


Just because summer holds more scope of dressing up doesn’t mean you can go overboard with accessories. These chunky loads may lead to rashes after coming in contact with sweat.

Casual Dress Up


Wearing oversized or too casual dresses can ruin your fashion. Ill-fitted clothes will make you look sloppy and untidy. Wearing oversized shirts and tops is a trend, but always make sure to balance it out by wearing a tight bottom with a loose top. Dresses with the wrong fit and huge tops that do not fit will do nothing for you except to make you look like one of the hangers in your closet.


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