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Baoli Mein Bawli | Agrasen ki Baoli in Delhi is a hidden gem waiting to be explored

Ugrasen (Agrasen) Ki Baoli is one of the little-known delights that Delhi has to offer.


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Busy, buzzing, noisy, crazy that is how one would describe Delhi. The synonyms to this place stand true to every bit. The city of Delhi is full of surprises and offers a different and an unexplored sight at every step.The city’s mysterious aura is the reason behind me being a wanderer. The more I explore, the more I crave for.

Ugrasen (Agrasen) Ki Baoli is one of the little-known delights that Delhi has to offer. Somewhere amongst the high-rise buildings and hustle-bustle of Connaught Place, this place lies hidden and unexploited by us humans( well sort off, only to be visited by people after they saw it in few of the movies)

One glance at the place and there is just one word that people have to say “WOW”!

The reaction on their faces is something to watch out for. After one finds out a way to this monument without much difficulty now courtesy Google, they do wonder how has it managed to survive all these years?

There is graffiti all over the wall on way to the place, adjacent to the complex and also an old wooden door, which in itself is pretty interesting. One also finds these hugely popular and patent to Mumbai Dhobi Ghats in the locality, yes you read it right Dhobi Ghats in Delhi.As one enters the slightly tiny gate of the complex they are unprepared for the visual treat that this place has to offer. The entry into the structure and a turn on one’s left (hand side) does the trick and gets the reaction I spoke about in the beginning.

As the history books or the Internet mentions this structure was built somewhere around the 14th century which is relatively much later than most of the monuments standing tall in Delhi today.

Baoli means “step well” in Rajasthani/ Gujarati. There are approximately 104 steps, which go down the structure and end into a parched base. The place has a wall with arches on it. The main structure in the center is a five-story arched structure with one level as the basement.

These arches have been taken over by the pigeons today. The place remains dry and doesn’t really fill up with water with monsoon coming in like it once used to. The stairs when taken leads one to the base of the monument, which is an experience in itself.

What was once a really quite place, is today adored by people from all walks of life: lovers, students, foreigners or the nearby office goers.

The place has a certain charm to it, which can’t be defined and rather should only be experienced. I had first visited this place 7 years ago and since then there hasn’t been a chance I have missed going back or taking people to witness what I did years ago. I keep going back again and again; and each time that I visit this place I experience something for the first time. The place never fails to amaze me, calm me and make me fall in love with it even more.




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