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Anna Hazare is not okay with ballot voting


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Aam Aadmi Party could not gather a single seat in Goa Assembly elections. In Punjab too, contrary to a number of exit polls, its performance was uninspiring. After failing to win people’s mandate, Arvind Kejriwal – the party’s convenor, claimed in a press conference today that the EVMs or Electronic Voting Machines might have been rigged. He argued for the use of ballot papers for the Delhi municipal elections to be held next month.



Replying to Kejriwal’s suggestion, 80-year old activist and his former mentor Anna Hazare said, “The world is progressing at a fast rate and here we are discussing going back in time to ballot papers”. Kejriwal alleged that the EVMs were tampered during the Punjab elections to transfer 20-25% of AAP’s vote share to SAD-BJP alliance. This facilitated the splitting of the anti-Congress vote helping Captain Badal of Congress to win majority in the state riddled by the drug problem.

The 117 seat legislative assembly in the state will be honouring 117 members from Congress, 22 from AAP and 18 from the incumbent SAD-BJP alliance


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