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Anand Mahindra apologises after a leaked audio tape of HR asking employee to leave the company on 24 hours notice period goes viral


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Due to global financial slump and the US making H1B visa and outsourcing difficult than earlier, IT companies laid off thousands of employees in India. They were paid compensation and severance allowance in most of the cases and they parted ways happily. But in many cases, employees were disgruntled too.

An audio clip of a Tech Mahindra HR threatening an employee to either put down his papers in 24 hours or face termination, has surfaced. The lady HR tells the employee that you have no choice but to resign, else if the company will terminate you, you will get neither the experience letter nor allowance.

The employee is sounding really shocked and is requesting the HR, that how can he resign in just 24 hours; he doesn’t have another job, and he cannot go back to his hometown also. The HR very rudely replies that she can’t do anything, and if he fails to resign by 10 AM the next day, he will be terminated anyways. He wanted to enquire the reason: as to why he is being asked to leave, whether it’s performance related. He tells the HR that his past record is good and he has been an active employee.

The HR says it has nothing to do with his professional competence, but the company is laying off staff because of cost computation and revenue-related issues. The employee was rudely told that this is the final decision and is irreversible. He was told to refer to his offer document that he signed at the time of joining. This is why it is important to read all terms and conditions in the offer document very carefully.

After the tape went viral all over the internet; Anand Mahindra personally apologized for the entire incident and has assured that such incident will not be repeated in the future.

Listen to the audio tape here.


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