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Amarnath Yatra terror strike: Driver Salim Sheikh who saved the life of more than 50 pilgrims is an inspiration for all


In the aftermath of the tragic and dastardly terrorist attack on a bus carrying Amarnath Yatra pilgrims, one man has emerged as the hero whose courage, determination and quick decision making saved the lives of more than 50 people.

7 people unfortunately died in the incident, but many more would have died had the driver Salim Sheikh stopped the bus. But he kept his foot firmly on the accelerator and kept moving even when the terrorists were raining bullets on the bus. The terrorists fired on tires, but Saleem drove the punctured bus for many kilometres until the bus reached a safe spot. Salim didn’t even look back to see the damage, knowing very well that if the bus slows down terrorists will enter the bus and kill all the passengers indiscriminately.

The reduced passengers have praised their saviour. Salim says God gave him strength. The ill fated bus was from Gujarat and the state CM Vijay Rupani has thanked Salim. He tweeted that Saleem’s name should be recommended for a bravery award.

Salims bravery is a slap on the face of those who stereotype Muslims, linking them with terrorist and blame each and every Muslim for terrorism. If there are likes of Hizbul and Jaish terrorists, we also have valiant citizens like Salim.


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