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After Smart Bands, It Is Time For Smart Condoms To Track Sexual Performance


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Jus like FitBit now we have i.Con smart condom to track sexual performance. The world’s first smart condom is actually a smart ring that fits over the normal condom and tracks the sexual activity. The maker has claimed that it can also detect STDs like chlamydia and syphilis.

The makers are in the final stage of testing i.Con and are planning to launch it soon. Initially the ring will be available on the British Condoms website for £59.99 which is around Rs 5000 and can be shipped to India.

It’s lightweight, water and bleach resistant. It comes with a micro USB port to give 6 hours of power backup.

i.Con is embedded with a nano-chip and sensors that can connect to an app on your smartphone to give you all kind of relevant sexual performance stats.


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Here are the things you can track.

Like FitBit, you can track the number of calories burnt in one act.

Number of thrusts, its speed and average velocity.

Girth measurement.

Frequency and duration of sessions.

Different positions used.

Average skin temperature. It is always hot TBH.

You also get to share your sexual performance data.

i.Con will have only one size with a band feature for fitting adjustments.



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