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A housing society in Gurugram wants to dictate who should and shouldn’t visit the residents


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Housing discrimination against bachelor’s, unmarried couples and religious minorities exist not only in small town India but also in the metropolitan cities and their appendage suburbs. This smacks of faux-moralising and contempt for the other person’s identity and persona.

A video of a society in Gurugram that wants to impose a ban on “mixing of boys and girls” has gone viral. The Resident Welfare Association of Essel Towers in Gurugram are not allowing women visitors and asking them their identification.

It does not only end there. They are making snide remarks and raising questions on the character of the women.

A man is seen yelling in the video” Give me your landlords number, we will tell him that you are supporting prostitution in the society”.

The video was shared by a woman named Shivani who lives in the Essel Towers.

Scroll.in quotes Shivani “We saw some women who had been harassed and were crying since they were stopped and not allowed to meet their friends. We offered to help them. That is when we were told we are supporting prostitution.”

Just a day after the incident, the housing society issued a notice that said other than family members no visitors are allowed after 10 PM and before 8 AM. The notice also said that unmarried men and women cannot occupy the same flat.

The tenants protested against it and said that being independent adults they won’t provide a proof of their relationships with their guests.

Watch the video here:


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