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7 Out of 10 Wives Cheat Because They Are Simply Bored

Extramarital dating app Gleeden recently conducted a survey: "Why do women commit adultery" and its findings are shocking.


Extramarital dating app Gleeden recently conducted a survey: “Why do women commit adultery” and its findings are shocking. The survey found out that 7 out of 10 wives simply cheat on their husbands because they don’t help them in daily household chores.

The extramarital dating app has over five million users all over the world and around five lakh users in India. As per the stats released by Gleeden, seventy percent of the wives cheat on their partners because their marriage has become boring. During its pan India research, the app found that majority of the women belong to tier-1 cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata among others.

The dating app has over 30 percent female users in the age bracket of 34 to 49 years. Another reason why women found cheating because the extramarital dating app gives them much needed privacy and safety. The threat to be caught is substantially less. However, 20 percent men and 13 percent women of the total users were found cheating on their partners.

Gleeden also revealed that people who are forced to enter traditional male-female marriage are also using the app to find same-sex partners.

While 5 lakh users are quite a small sample size for a country as big as India but adultery is surely making inroads through easy access of the internet.


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