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5 Major Elements That Make Newton The Brilliant Film It Is


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A shallow storyline, a series of meaningless dialogues and a lot of loud songs is what has eventually become the ultimate formula of Bollywood movies. In such situation, content-oriented movies like Newton feels just like a whiff for every movie lover. What has already made an official entry to Oscar nominations of Indian movies this year, Newton was being looked at with great anticipation right since the trailer was launched. The movie starring some of the gems of current Bollywood brigade has all the necessary elements that make it the brilliant film that it is. And amid the flock of routine releases, you can’t afford to miss this one that stands out in the crowd with bright colors. Here are the major elements of Newton that paved its way through honorable award nomination.

The Dialogues: The dialogues are the best part of this film that are pointed at the minutest details with an effective but not tiring approach. The moment it starts, the first thing that goes directly down to your spine is the deep dialogues. As soon as things get vocal, you won’t want to miss a single line. It’s all humorous, chilly and strikes right at the right places. From a satire on the arranged marriage to on the patronizing expectations of Indian parents from their children, Newton dialogues are written brilliantly and don’t miss a single spot to miss the harsh realization. Just, for example, the subtle taunt through saying, “कढ़ाई देख ली, पकोड़े खा लिए, चाय पीने जा रहे हैं और क्या जानना है” when two families meet for a marriage prospect is sharp enough to make many cuts on the conscience of guilty minds.

Talented Trio: It doesn’t have only a thin hope of acting like other movies, but a real bling of multiple acting talents at one place. You might think but you cannot actually imagine the fun and phenomenalism taking place when actors like Sanjai Mishra, Pankaj Tripathi, and Raghubir Yadav are a part of a film simultaneously. While Sanjai Mishra fits the roles designed for him just like liquid, Pankaj Tripathi rocks the character like his own life. And Raghubir Yadav is the kind of senior actor that has effortlessly earned the honor of being a part of eight movies in total nominated for Oscar so far.


No Forceful Romance: How inspiration or a persona oriented a Bollywood movie can be, there is also a forceful stuffing of a romance angle. Newton just like its storyline, is an exception here too. There is a relatability of thoughts between two like-minded people, but no forceful romance that makes a movie only duller.

The Dark Humor: This movie excels the dark humor so well while other movies fail to do justice even with the core comical theme. Without touching the scale of offense or derogatory remarks, Newton flows flawlessly in terms of the darker side of humor which remains rather completely unseen than a rare scenario in our Bollywood industry till now. The movie doesn’t contain a throbbing event or a path-breaking story that will make you bounce from the seat, but it makes several valid points within the simple storytelling and light theme pointing ultimately at electoral scams of our country and the atrocious living conditions of tribal people.

The Hero Himself: How long can we manage without naming the soul of the movie who is the uniquely talented Rajkummar Rao who has been tirelessly giving critically acclaimed films back to back. There could be no better choice of the protagonist than him where he plays a hopelessly honest government official who wouldn’t want to miss his duty hours even by two minutes. With his own irreplaceable acting talent, everything from the direction to screenplay works in his favor.



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