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5 healthy food options which are secretly unhealthy [Updated]

The irony is that we are trying to eat ‘healthy’ food but it still comes in the packaged form.


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Updated on October 10th, 2021

Eating healthy is the new fad. Ohk..healthy looking food is at least. Changing preference of millennials towards healthier food has resulted in a multibillion-dollar healthy food and beverage industry. The irony is that we are trying to eat ‘healthy’ food but it still comes in the packaged form. And due to lack of information and awareness, we tend to ignore unhealthy ingredients present in them which makes the entire package tasty and increases its satiety value.

Here are a few ‘healthy’ food and beverage products which are secretly unhealthy.

1. Vitamin Water


Vitamin water is the latest entrant into the refrigerators of health-conscious people. Clever marketing and packaging of vitamin water have made us believe about its ability to cleanse the body and soul. However, it is not completely true. Apart from the minimalistic amount of synthetic vitamins; a bottle of vitamin water can contain up to 33 grams of sugar — which is equivalent to the amount of sugar content present in a can of Coke. So, it should be treated more like a soft drink but healthy drink.


2. Energy Bars


Energy bars are aggressively marketed as a healthy substitute for a full-fledged meal. Due to lack of time in the morning, people are replacing their breakfasts with energy bars. But the truth is that several of them are nothing better than a candy bar. A normal energy bar contains white flour, high fructose corn syrup, saturated fats, artificial sweeteners and are low in fibers. A typical energy bar is loaded with 300-450 calories.


3. Frozen Yoghurt


There is a massive difference between ‘yogurt’ and ‘frozen yogurt’. A serving of frozen yogurt can contain up to 30 grams of sugar. For perspective, it is equal to seven cubes of sugar. Aside, additives, thickening agents, and artificial flavors are part of it.


4. Packaged Juice


There are many people who prefer packaged juice over soft and hard drinks thinking it is a healthier choice. But if we go through the ingredients of packaged juice, we will find it oozing with high fructose levels (higher calories). It is also low in fiber content and could increase insulin resistance of the body. Apart from that, heat treatment and deoxygenation done to make it last longer kills the essential nutrients present in it.


5. Fat-Free Food


To reclaim the taste lost by fat, fat-free foods have an abundance of sodium and sugar. It is better to have fats in a controlled amount instead of having fat-free food which is equally harmful.



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