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11 reasons why October is the best month of the year

There are hope and joy of upcoming festivals – our one and only chance to let go of the struggles of life and enjoy to the fullest at length.


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The arrival of October also brings the start of the end of a year. It reflects the achievements and failures we have had till date and also motivates us to buckle up and finish the unfinished tasks. Finally, the wrath of the Sun is over and clouds are also not creating hassles. There is hope and joy of upcoming festivals – our one and only chance to let go of the struggles of life and enjoy to the fullest at length.

#1 Weather

Finally, summers have mellowed down, rains have done their work and you can enjoy the cold breeze in the evening. Neither there is sweat nor unending dependency on AC. You can move freely in public transport without second thoughts and enjoy the weather.

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#2 Travel

Hills, beaches or golden sands of Rajasthan – October provides you the greatest diversity of places to choose from for your next holidays. You don’t have to worry much about weather conditions at this point of the year.

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#3 Durga Pooja

Durga Pooja is synonymous with October. The 10 days extravaganza of festivities, sumptuous food, gigantic pandals and the much needed connect with spirituality brings you closer to the almighty and most importantly to your inner self.

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#4 Food

From extra spicy food to street food stalls; October is the month to savor your favorite dishes without any fear.

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#5 Barbeque Party

With no fear of rains and lower mercury levels, it is time to throw a terrace party and barbeque your favorite kebabas and tikkas. A perfect time to hang out with friends and family sitting around bonfire over few drinks.


#6 Clothes

October is the time to up your style game. Bring out your jackets and full sleeves from the closets to finally sport a layered look.

Source: Vogue

#7 Bikes

“Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive.” – Hugh Laurie

Nothing feels better than the cold breeze kissing your face.

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#8 Awesomeness of Autumn

Falling leaves reassuring that the good times are ahead and the fresh breeze bringing the bunch of holidays ahead. Is there any better feeling?

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#9 Rooftop Dining

October days are perfect to finally have your much delayed rooftop lunch or dinner. Enjoy your favorite food along with the mesmerizing view of your city.

Source: Dramz

#10 Hot Drinks

Cappuccino to hot chocolate – hot drinks return with a bang with the arrival of October.

#11 Halloween

Who can miss the fun and madness of amazing Halloween parties?


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