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11 music bands you should start listening to instead of ‘Dhinchak Pooja’


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Updated on February 11th, 2018

the local train

The annual cultural carnival of my college was round the corner and a band was scheduled to give a live performance. To be honest, I myself had never heard of the band before, mostly because they didn’t have a YouTube video which had gone viral. The entry to the concert was free of cost, so to celebrate the festive season, the arena was jam-packed. The band came, the band performed, the band stole our hearts! I had never seen a group of music enthusiasts giving such a mesmerizing performance ever before in my life. The name of the band was “The Local Train”.

With the evolution of the internet, we are surrounded by all kinds of information. YouTube has undoubtedly refashioned the music world for the good. Music is available at a click of the mouse, or at a touch on the smartphones. The users, however, don’t play it smart sometimes and make erroneous choices in music. The rise of ‘cringe pop’ on social media has empowered people like Dhinchak Pooja on YouTube to create filth like “Selfie maine le li aaj”. It is one of the most awful songs one could ever listen to. There are numerous other instances where stupidity conquered art.

What we need to comprehend is that there exist a plethora of less noticed bands in our country which put a piece of their soul in every creation so that it touches yours. Those people are true worshippers of art and believe in composing soulful music. Such artists rightfully deserve more recognition for their work.

Here’s a list of some other underrated bands which certainly deserve more appreciation than they actually do.

1) Lagori

2) Coshish

3) Live Banned

4) The Nomadic Jam

5) Samved

6) Laxmi Bomb

7) The Vinyl Record

8) Peepal Tree

9) Soulmate

10) Still Waters


Compiled by Utkarsh Sinha.


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