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10 videos to prove that banning Tik Tok in India was a great idea

We're not exactly missing Tik Tok


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Tik Tok

The video-sharing platform Tik Tok has been shown the door in India. While some commentators are mourning the demise of freedom of expression, the saner lot is celebrating. A large reason behind the happy outburst on this drastic step is the kind of content this community app was producing. It was crass, unfunny, and totally avoidable. Like, we would have lived, pretty happily, in fact, if some of these videos had not existed. Don’t agree? These 10 videos are a testimony to the sheer madness Tik Tok was perpetrating.

  1. These impossible to replicate dance moves 


2. This totally avoidable tragedy

3. This unusually depressed lover

4. This pair of unusually depressed lovers

5. Certainly something you would want to unsee

6. This amusing Deepika fan

7. These God level acting skills

8. This grown ass man with ponytails 

9. This unexplainable waste of water

10. This unfortunate ice-cream accident

11. Why are all the Tik-Tok men drenched in water, again?

12. This level of unseen creativity

13. The mashup nobody asked for

14. This over the top display of passion, sadness, agony, and basically all the emotions I display in an entire year

15. And this ultimate family effort








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