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10 times Mumbai Police outdid us with their wit


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Twitter is one social networking platform which prides itself on its quick-witted, politically aware members. If you want to stay abreast of political developments, you better get yourself on Twitter. With the biggest film stars to the most prominent politicians, almost everyone uses Twitter to make their most important opinions heard. With so much happening every single day, there is something which has caught our attention almost all the time. We are talking about the Twitter account of Mumbai Police, one where you can find the perfect balance between wit and public interest.

This account makes full use of the meme culture to bolster its youth appeal and stay relevant. Its tweets talk about all the important issues while never losing its humorous tinge. Here, have a look at some of the best ones from the twitter account of Mumbai Police,


1. When they proved their meme-knowledge by using this now conspicuous template


2. When they warned you about the good-for-nothing Ponzi schemes


3. When they knew what was the hottest scoop and used it to the fullest

4. When they used a bad joke to preach about public safety

5. When they joined in on the April Fools’ Day bandwagon

6. When they used a really cute puppy to spread awareness on road safety

7. When they knew their Lord of the Rings references really well

8. When Sherlock approved strong passwords

9. Say no to drugs, kids, in Mumbai Police style

10. And finally, when they professed their love for Mumbai


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