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10 things you won’t be able to do on the “online Sarojini Nagar”


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We live in a digital age and everything from “ghaas” as the latest Amazon ad has taught us, to chic couture is available online. This online wonder world has added another feather to its rather illustrious plume. Sarojini Nagar – a market that is the go-to destination for the fashion loving, but on a shoestring budget generation is now online. The e-commerce website claims to offer all things good about Sarojini at the tap of your fingers. Call us purist or conventional, but we would side with the offline Sarojini any day. Here is why : these are 10 precious things, that you can’t deny loving, you won’t be able to do at the online Sarojini Nagar market,

You won’t be able to haggle

2. You won’t be able to relish street food like this


3. You won’t have a go-to spot every time you bunked college


4. You won’t be able to absorb those desperate “100 ka 3” pleas from your favorite bhaiyya


5. You won’t be able to revel in that amazing feeling of delight on finding that cute dress after roaming in the crowded lanes for hours


6. You won’t be able to bond with that quintessential hawker who calls you every time there is new stock coming in


7. You won’t be able to make some wonderful memories with your friends and at the same time hoarding some of the trendiest stuff out there 


8. You won’t be able to drown in the soothing clinks of all these gorgeous jewelery 


9. You won’t be able to grab the weekday, early morning steal deals


10. And of course, just visiting Sarojini Nagar for shopping is happiness you won’t find sitting in front of your laptop





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