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10 reasons why Baba Sehgal should be your life coach


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The pop singer who introduced rapping in the Indian music scene is unleashing his swag on Twitter these days. His tweets are funny, yes. It looks like as soon as he finds out that two words rhyme with each other, he goes on to tweet it as a chuckle-some two liner. But hey, he has some real gyaan to give to us as well. Deep lessons are hidden in his tweets and we are here to let them reach you!


  1. He loves sushi, just like you do




2. He knows why living in present is important



3. He respects women



4. He just can’t hide his love for food



5. He can take on the most serious issues in a light vein




6. He can motivate you to stay fit




7. He has some great life advice for you



8. He knows that internet has spoiled relationships



9. He knows you should keep moving



10. And because, he has this to say on black money :

Credit card to plastic hai, Kacche mei elastic hai.

Modi ka decision, is baar bombastic hai.


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