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10 instances of worrisome usage of “quotation marks”

This is really "amusing"


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Language is a beautiful, beautiful thing. So many feelings can be compressed brilliantly inside the complexity of millions of words sewn together by a mere 26 alphabets. To accentuate the beauty of the alphabets, we have several other supporting forces putting in their share of work. One of that forces are the punctuation marks. A full stop, comma, colon, semi-colon, exclamation, hyphen – and so on. A plethora of simple symbols means so much more when put in a context. Today let’s touch upon one such punctuation mark – the quotation mark. Used to grant importance to a particular part of a sentence or to attribute it to someone else, this holier than thou among the punctuation marks is made from the stuff angels are made of. Gives immediate importance to whoever it accompanies. But sometimes, its presence can create unnecessary complications. Here, let’s take you through some worrisome usage of quotation marks in sentences, billboards and signages,

 Can you really trust the “freshness” of this pizza?Pizza

This is why I don’t trust anyone who says they care for me


Are you pregnant pregnant or just pregnant?


Because saabun se haath pure 1 minute tak dhona chahiye

Wash Hands

We’ll have just “bread”


That’s some tight security

Security Guard

We’re looking for real beauty here


Nothing comes free in this world


I’ll just take the stairs


I’m worried about the patients here



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